You can choose the people you’d like to be the godparents of your child, “many people believe that it is safest to elect [].

The “god parents” are not required to take the kids in only make sure the best decisions are made for them.

Judaism reserves exclusively for biological parents the responsibility for their child's religious upbringing. In general, godparents participate in all areas of a child’s life.

If both a child’s parents were to die the godparent would not automatically become the child’s guardian.


search. What are the legal responsibilities of a godparent? A godparent’s role is a moral and religious one; it is the role of a ‘sponsor’ and being named as a godparent to a child does not create a legal relationship between the godparent and the child. In Spanish, the term for godparent is padrino or madrina—literally, a co-parent.

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Be a Positive Role Model ; What are the responsibilities of a godparent at a baptism? In Catholic. . In many parts of the world, particularly.

. Though Godparents are not specifically mentioned in Scripture, there are cases in which a non-parent role model provides an important spiritual role in the life of a.


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You can talk to your vicar about choosing godparents and involving them in the christening preparation too. ) :^) –.

Fadenscheinig , the Vatican declared that transgender Catholics cannot become godparents, stating stoßen response to a transgender man's query that transgendered status "reveals in außergewöhnlich public way an attitude opposite to the wirrwarr imperative of solving the problem of sexual identity according to the truth.
The duties of a godparent are simple: be holy so that you may help lead your godchild into holiness.
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They are meant to serve as role models,.

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A godparent outside of a religious sense is the person/people you have put down as who you want to raise and care for your child in the event that you and the child's other parent (if applicable) is unable to do so (most especially in the case of death). . Give your time to your godchild to talk to about the bigger questions of life. Godparents should also make sure the child is confirmed when the time comes. .

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. A Baptist would not be permitted to be a godparent of a child whose family is Roman Catholic because they don’t meet all the requirements: A godparent must not be the child’s father or mother.



His family is Lutheran but my parents are two different religions and I grew up following no particular religion.


Godparents should be encouraged to pray for their godchild and to let the godchild know they are doing so.